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Our game Zendri's Castle has gone over some actualizations which added new features.

The newest actualization brings support of 2 languages, Czech and English.

The game now can understand, which language you have the phone and set up the correct language for you.

Improvement is also at the controlling of the character, where was the joystick moved upper to the better game experience.

The game also brings you to choose of which language you want to use. 

To the next versions, we are planning to add new languages. For example Russian and Italian.


If you don't play our game yet, we are pleased to invite you to try it out.

The game is only for mobile devices with the operating system Android and you can find it at this link.

After trying the game, we will be happy if you leave us feedback. You can write to us a review on google play, send us an email, or contact us thought discord.

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