Hoover on the run

Version 0.2 - Post-processing

Version 0.2


  • Edited terrains in the game
  • Added basic post-processing
  • Edited the light settings to better look with post-processing
  • Added new functions to the main menu
  • A…

Published: 31.01.2024

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Version 0.1.2 - Main menu and an optimization

Version 0.1.2


  • Added basic hoover animation in the main menu
  • Adjusted floor textures in the first, second, and third levels
  • Adjusted the rendering distance of objects for better…

Published: 20.01.2024

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Version 0.1.1 - Christmas update

Version 0.1.1


  • Unification of the user interface
  • Adjusted the environment in the main menu
  • Adjusted Texture icon
  • Added optimization for first and second level
  • Optimization in…

Published: 24.12.2023

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Version 0.1 - A base of the main menu

Version 0.1


  • Added new models
  • Detection of falls from a high place
  • Selection of the levels
  • Added a new level, basement
  • Prepared basic main menu
  • Font change

Published: 10.12.2023

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