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Information about us

We are the game studio Starbolt Games, a team composed of four passionate individuals dedicated to developing indie games for computers and mobile devices.
Our goal is to listen to our player community and collaborate with them in creating games that engage and entertain.
We blend creativity with technical skills to ensure that our games are not just fun but also of high quality and innovative.
We want you to connect with us easily, and therefore, we warmly invite you to join our Discord server, where you can discuss games, provide us with feedback, and become a part of our gaming community.

Additional informations

We are a volunteer group that currently has zero earnings.
The only thing how we earn is via ads in mobile apps. We are talking here about units of Czech crowns per month.
If you still want to join us, join our Discord server or write us an email. You have many options to contact us and make arrangements.

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