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Magun's Handbook - A new version with an option to remove unwanted characters

As of yesterday, we released a new update to Magun's Handbook. You can read what the update contains in the post below.

1. Option to delete characters

Until now, it was not possible to delete…

Published: 13.02.2024

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Hoover on the run - Improved visuals

We are bringing you a new update at the end of January 2024.

1. Landscaping:

The terrains in the game have been modified to look better. Newly, for example, the terrain in the main menu is…

Published: 31.01.2024

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Hoover on the run - Improved textures

The Hoover on the run update released today brings improved optimization, newly created terrain in the main menu and new textures.

1. Optimization:

In this update, we focused a lot on…

Published: 20.01.2024

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Magun's Handbook - Coming soon

Here's a list of what's new for the upcoming Magun's Handbook update, which will bring several changes and updates.

1. Option to delete characters:

There will be a new option to delete…

Published: 06.01.2024

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Looking back to 2023

We bring you a look back at the year 2023 as a look back including all the changes in our projects. Each point contains more than what is mentioned here, only for simplicity we list the main changes…

Published: 01.01.2024

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Website update - News and improvements

1. SEO optimization:

We have improved the visibility and accessibility of our website through search engine optimization. This means that our site will be better indexed and easier to find in…

Published: 31.12.2023

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Christmas Update for the game Hoover on the run

Optimization for smooth performance:

The first two levels and the main menu have been carefully optimized to ensure that the game is not so demanding on the phone's performance. Enjoy an…

Published: 24.12.2023

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Happy New Year 2024

Thank you for your support:

We would like to thank every one of you for the favor, support, and passion that you show us. Your participation and feedback are indispensable to us.

Published: 22.12.2023

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Hoover on the run - A new content and optimization

1. New level and main menu:

Today we released a new version of Hoover on the Run. The main draw of this update is the addition of a new level, bringing exciting new challenges and experiences…

Published: 10.12.2023

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A new visual of homepage - Refreshment and interactive

1. Editing the main menu:

We want to introduce you to a new jacket for our homepage! The main menu has undergone a modification that takes into account the layout of the site only in the middle…

Published: 29.10.2023

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Magun's Handbook - Vector graphics, optimization, and schedule in the future

With the latest update to Magun's Handbook, we bring several improvements and preparations for future expansions. Here are the key changes:

1. Vector graphics:

Graphic elements in the…

Published: 15.10.2023

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A new section "Changelog" - Overview of the changes in each project

1. Introducing the changelog section:

We want to bring you even more transparency and information about our projects. With this goal in mind, we have added a new section to our website called …

Published: 11.10.2023

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Ugly Witch - Update that adds GDPR form

With the latest update of Ugly Witch, we bring improvements that strengthen the protection of your data.

1. Support for newer Android versions:

Modern mobile phones come with advanced hardware…

Published: 18.09.2023

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Zendris Castle - Update that adds GDPR form

With the arrival of the new Zendri's Castle game update, we bring several important changes to players for an even better gaming experience. Here is a breakdown of the news:

1. Support newer…

Published: 16.09.2023

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New details and improvements on our website

We bring you a range of minor modifications to our website, built on the Czech Nette framework. While these changes are cosmetic, we believe they will improve your overall browsing experience on our…

Published: 15.09.2023

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