Algebra King - Update that adds GDPR form

Published at: 31 August 2023

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Algebra King - Update that adds GDPR form

1. GDPR form:

Your privacy and security are our priority. When you start Algebra King for the first time, you will now come across a GDPR form that will give you a clear overview of how your data is processed. In this way, we ensure transparency while protecting your data.

2. New levels for true challengers:

For those of you who crave more of a challenge, we've added new levels to give you a refreshing gaming experience. Get ready for new tasks and try to overcome new challenges!

3. Faster and more stable gameplay:

For you to fully enjoy the game, we have optimized the code to make it faster and more stable. This means a smoother gaming experience without unnecessary jams.

4. Try the latest update:

You can download the latest update of Algebra King via this link. Download to get the latest version released.

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