Hoover on the run - Improved textures

Published at: 20 January 2024

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Hoover on the run - Improved textures

The Hoover on the run update released today brings improved optimization, newly created terrain in the main menu and new textures.

1. Optimization:

In this update, we focused a lot on optimizing the game. Previous versions were completely unoptimized and therefore the game could crash. All levels are now only half-optimized. It is still necessary to take into account the distance from the player, so do not display a very distant and small object in its full quality.

2. Menu:

The menu now includes terrain with trees and hills in the background. The hoover in the main menu now travels around the map and vacuums.

3. New textures:

In addition to trees, we added new grass, dirt and road textures.

4. Check out the changes:

The list of individual changes is written at this link.

5. How to try the latest update:

The latest update can be tried using this link. The game can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. ​

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