An official Starbolt Games website

New design and features
Published at: 19 August 2022

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An official Starbolt Games website

1. Overview of projects:

On the new website, you can easily browse all our current and upcoming projects. You will get a comprehensive view of the diversity of our work and activity.

2. Ratings and comments:

We are planning to expand the functionality of the site with the ability to rate and add comments. This will give you space to share your impressions and experiences with other enthusiasts.

3. Subscribe to news:

Want to be in the know about our latest projects, updates, and news? On the new website, you can simply enter your email and sign up for the newsletter. You will be the first to know about everything new!

4. Modern design:

The new website has a modern and clear design that makes it easier to navigate and get information about our games.

5. Future Improvements:

We are constantly working on further improvements, including rating features, comments, and other interactive features. Your feedback and comments are always welcome!

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