News on Sunday 11 July

Published at: 11 July 2021

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News on Sunday 11 July

To date 11. June we are bringing you what changes at Starbolt Games.

Ugly Witch

To the game Ugly Witch we do not have any news. The game is currently at the state, where we improve graphic design, adding new features, and mainly optimized it.

After the done update, the game should have better visibility on sunlight.

Zendri's Castle

The Zendri's Castle gets after a long time new update, which brings options to change the contrast of the game. The possibility of changing the contrast is another option how to get the game brighter.

Magun's Handbook

At Magun's Handbook, we are not planning any changes. We are happy about that, the Magun's Handbook is our app, which was are returning the most of users.

Unfortunately, currently, we can't work on developing this app, because our colleague left the project. This is why we added a popup window, where we take you the opportunity to contact us via Discord or email. You can contact us of course if you want to help us with the development of the app. We are sorry about that but unfortunately, we can't do anything about it. For us, it is stupid to leave that large project without any future updates.

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