Hoover on the run - Improving and new options

Published at: 14 April 2023

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Hoover on the run - Improving and new options

Here are the highlights of this update:

1. Improved Player Physics:

The game now features improved player physics, which means smoother movement, response to the environment, and an overall improved gameplay feel.

2. Extension of menu functionality:

The game's menu has been expanded with new features that will make it easier for you to navigate and faster access various options.

3. Death Detection:

The new player death detection feature ensures that situations that could kill the player (such as falling from a height) are correctly identified, adding a new dimension of strategy and caution to the game.

4. Option to select a specific level:

You now can select specific levels, allowing you to focus on the ones that interest you the most or where you want to test your skills.

5. Countdown time:

To add to the dynamic of the game, we added a countdown of the time spent in the level. Race against time and try to achieve the best result!

6. Stats at the end of the level:

After completing a level, you will now see detailed statistics to show you how you did. This new feature allows you to track and improve your performance.

7. Download the game:

You can easily download the game via Google Play using this link. Download to get the latest version.

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