Ugly Witch - Improved graphic, Optimization, and new functions

Update 1.2
Published at: 15 August 2021

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Ugly Witch - Improved graphic, Optimization, and new functions

We are announcing the release of the latest update to our game, which brings some improvements for an even better gaming experience. Here are the highlights of the update:

1. Graphical improvements:

The new update brings graphical improvements that take the game to a new level of visual quality. Every detail of the game has been carefully designed and improved so that players can fully immerse themselves in the world of Ugly Witch.


2. Reducing the hardware difficulty:

The new update brings optimizations that make the game less demanding on mobile devices. This means that the game will run more smoothly and efficiently on different types of devices, which helps to improve the overall gaming performance.


3. Enhanced Features:

New features have been added to give players an even better gaming experience. From bug fixes to improved controls, the new update provides players with a smooth and fun experience.


4. Sharp design:

The new design will bring sharp and clear images to players, making it easier to identify in-game items and improve the overall visual experience.


With these innovations, our Ugly Witch game becomes even more enticing and enjoyable. Download the latest version and have fun with improved visuals and gameplay! ​

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