New details and improvements on our website

Published at: 15 September 2023

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New details and improvements on our website

We bring you a range of minor modifications to our website, built on the Czech Nette framework. While these changes are cosmetic, we believe they will improve your overall browsing experience on our site. Here are the specific points:

1. Deleted a LinkedIn share:

We found that the sharing feature on LinkedIn was underutilized, so we removed it.

2. Modifications in the website footer:

We belong to those who pay attention to details. Modifications to our site's footer include aesthetic changes and adjustments for better navigation.

3. Adding information to the "About Us" page:

We want you to get to know us better. That's why we've expanded the "About Us" page with more information so you can better understand our team and vision.

4. Adding images to the overview of devblog posts:

We know that images can bring a new dimension to content. That's why we've added images to the devblog post overview so you can immediately see what our latest posts are about.

5. Reducing images in the list of projects:

We optimize our site to make it faster and more efficient. We have shrunk the images in our project list, which helps increase page loading speed.

6. Optimizing Images for SEO:

We want our site to be as visible as possible on the Internet. We have optimized the images for better search engine performance.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope these changes contribute to your more comfortable interaction with our content.

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