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Magun's Handbook new update 1.1

The new update of the application Magun's Handbook is now out.

Below are key features that are in the new version 1.1.

  1. Added option to change freely between adding whole levels or experience…

Published: 14.03.2021

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New mobile game Ugly Witch

Today we have released the game Ugly Witch in the full version.

The game you can download only on the devices that have Android via Google Play.

For more information about our game, you can view…

Published: 12.03.2021

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Ugly Witch in open test version

Last week our game entered into an open beta version.

The game is named Ugly Witch. In the game, you play for the witch, that his main goal to get all ingredients for a potion of beauty.

The game…

Published: 25.02.2021

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Ugly Witch in the closed test version

After a long time in development, we finally entered into a closed beta test version.

That allows faster test and development.

After some time we planning to enter the open beta version, because…

Published: 06.02.2021

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Zendri's Castle version 1

Zendri's Castle version 1 contains improvements. Some of the improvements are described below.

The game is again more optimized. That means, that runs better on older phones and does not consume a…

Published: 28.01.2021

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Magun's Handbook in production version

On 29 November our application Magun's Handbook was released from open beta to production.

New features bring the possibility to find any spell which you need.

Spells you can find by some criteria.…

Published: 29.11.2020

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We are working on new game Ugly Witch

Starbolt games is preparing a new game called Ugly witch.

In the game, you can spend an adventure of a witch, which is so ugly, that she scares the whole forest.

You can play the game very soon on…

Published: 23.11.2020

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Magun's Handbook Beta - 1. Update

Added content to the application Magun's Handbook:

  • Repaired counting of the Passive Wisdom, now app count correct value
  • Added new functions around experience points
  • Repaired the counting…

Published: 05.11.2020

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Zendri's Castle actualization

A new update of the game brings news written below.

  1. You can now change the game language into four different languages. You can set up language English, Czech, Russian, and Italian.
  2. Better…

Published: 20.10.2020

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Magun's Handbook enters Beta version

A few days ago we emigrated with our app developed for the D&D player from the internal to the beta version.

The emigration to the beta version gets us a chance to show our app to the more users. …

Published: 07.10.2020

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Support us on our social sites

Support us on our social sites.

Facebook: link here

Instagram: link here

You can also join our discord server,…

Published: 04.10.2020

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Zendri's Castle update

Our game Zendri's Castle has gone over some actualizations which added new features.

The newest actualization brings support of 2 languages, Czech and English.

The game now can understand, which…

Published: 04.10.2020

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