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Hoover on the run

Game description

Welcome to Hoover on the Run! Get ready for a unique experience where you become a vacuum cleaner robot on the run.

In this game, you will play as a vacuum cleaner robot who has decided to escape from his owners' apartment. You'll make your way into the yard, go to the neighbors to clean up, hit the busy street, and even get to incredible places that other vacuum cleaners only dream about.

Overcome various obstacles, collect bonuses, and manage to complete all the levels full of excitement and adventure.

We'll be tweaking and improving the first levels in this beta, so we look forward to your feedback and ideas. Your comments will help us make Hoover on the Run an unforgettable experience for all players.

Download the beta version of Hoover on the Run today and join our community of players who help us deliver the best gaming experience. Be among the first to go on the run with this fearless vacuum cleaner and discover all the secrets of this game.

How to try out the game

The game you can try in the open beta by clicking on this link.

Game features

  • In beta
  • Mobile game
  • We are preparing
  • Simulator
  • Robotic vacuum cleaner
  • Free to play



  • Czech
  • English

Release date: 2023-04-14

Game size: 26MB

Version: 01

Progress: 15% Completed


  • android


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