Ugly Witch - A new graphical visual

A new graphical visual and improved shop in update 1.1
Published at: 23 March 2021

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Ugly Witch - A new graphical visual

Graphic transformation:

The main and most noticeable change lies in the visual experience. Overall post-processing has been added to the game, and new base textures create a magical world with even more atmosphere.

Redesigned shop:

The in-game store has undergone a complete overhaul. We've made it simpler and clearer based on valuable feedback from our players.

Comparison of graphic versions:

To illustrate the changes, we've attached images below to compare the original and improved versions.

Original Version

The original version of the lab

New Version

A new version of the lab

Old Version

The original level overview

New Version

Newly redesigned version of the level overview

Old Version

Sample from the first level

New Version

The first level in a new graphic form

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