Magun's Handbook - A new version with an option to remove unwanted characters

Published at: 13 February 2024

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Magun's Handbook - A new version with an option to remove unwanted characters

As of yesterday, we released a new update to Magun's Handbook. You can read what the update contains in the post below.

1. Option to delete characters

Until now, it was not possible to delete unwanted characters that could have been added to you. That's why we added this feature in this latest update.

2. How to delete an unwanted character

To delete, it is necessary to click on the character detail and click on "Options" in the middle. Then directly click on the "Delete" button in the character settings. After clicking, you will be prompted if you are sure. If you confirm this message, the selected character will be deleted.

3. Optimization of vector graphics

The latest update also includes improvements to vector graphics. The transparency issue has been fixed and individual parts of the application have been optimized.

4. Preparation for expansion of new spells

A save adjustment has taken place in the background. This is necessary in preparation for adding custom spells and other optional extensions.

5. Get involved in development

If you want to join the development, feel free to contact us at our email or join our discord server.

6. List of changes

A detailed list of changes in the Magun's Handbook project can be found here.

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